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We offer a wide variety of Agile Solutions, with a focus on applying Agile to real world projects.  Scroll down to learn more about our service offerings.  You can also see a list of our standard workshops in the right hand column of this page. Our service offerings include, but are not limited to, Agile Assessments, Creation of Agile Roadmaps, Rapid Agile Deployment (RAD), and a variety of coaching and support options.


Agile Assessments

We have been delivering Agile assessments to organizations already using Agile, and to organizations just starting their Agile transformation.

Why do an assessment?  Because moving to Agile is not a “one size fits all” process.  Each organization we work with has different business reasons for using Agile, different constraints, different customers, and different cultures.  Our assessments show you where you are today and the next logical step in increasing your Agile maturity.

Satir 1

Figure 1: When Agile is introduced at a level too far beyond your current capabilities, productivity can take a severe hit for an extended period of time.

As figure 1 above shows, applying Agile at a level well beyond your capabilities or maturity can hurt productivity and even team morale.  The approach we suggest will start you on the road to Agile, but not push you to the point of breaking and aborting on your transformation.

Figure 2 below shows, an iterative approach to Agile organizational change can lead to better process without major hits to productivity and morale.

Satir 2

Figure 2: An iterative approach to Agile minimizes productivity impact and increases the chances of sustaining Agile.

As you iterate to higher levels of maturity during your Agile transformation, you allow time for culture change and team buy-in.

Upon completion of an assessment we review our findings with the key stakeholders and sponsors for your transformation.  We will cover what is working well, areas for improvement, and a prioritized game plan to start our agility transformation.  Contact Greg to learn more and see excerpts from an example assessment below.

Assessment 1 Assessment 2